Welcome to Thomas Hewitt’s Luck Of The Draw, the quiz like no other. Perfect for family, friends or team building. This unique quiz sees four teams of 2-5 players face the possibility of a simple question, multiple choice, or a wacky challenge. ANYTHING is possible.

With a selection of fun quizzes to choose from, bring quizmaster Thomas Hewitt into your home LIVE, either ONLINE or IN PERSON to host your quiz.

Gamble your points on the question you choose: it’s down to luck whether you win or lose…

Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw - photo of quizmaster, Thomas Hewitt
Such a fun quiz. Genius concept and a brilliant host. I highly recommend.
Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw - photo of quizmaster, Thomas Hewitt

How it works…


Check the Bookings Calendar and choose an available date/time for your personal Luck of the Draw quiz night.


Select one of our ready made Quiz Themes, or enquire about a bespoke theme based on any topic you can think of.


You need between 8-20 people to play. Thomas will use the Team Generator to generate four random teams at the start of the game.


Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw quizzes are presented LIVE, either online via ZOOM or IN PERSON, by quizmaster Thomas Hewitt.

Wonderful host, excellent questions and all around extremely entertaining. I look forward to the next quiz!


The following themed quizzes are currently available:

NEW! Christmas #2

Christmas is coming… There's no need to feel flat… Come and draw some team mates from the quiz master's hat!


From biblical verse to chocolate bunnies – test your knowledge of Easter through the ages.


They think it's all over! It is now… Take on the Olympian task of beating the Sport quiz.


Ice creams, sunburn, sandals and socks – this summer-themed quiz is sure to raise a sweat.


It's time to get spooky as we find out who knows their ghosties from their ghoulies…

TV & Film

Film buffs and TV addicts: how much do you remember about those on-screen favourites?

Musical Theatre

Omigod, we have Magic To Do, but it would only be Tradition that we Wilkommen you to our quiz…

Random #1

We stuck pins in encyclopedia pages to create this quiz – even we don't know what it's all about.

Random #2

Randoms #1 proved so popular that we had to do another – no sofa cushion was left unturned.


Let it go and be our guest as we take you from zero to hero. Thomas just can't wait to be part of your whole new quiz.

Harry Potter

Do you know your animagus from your acromantula? Pour yourself a butterbeer and get ready for this wizard quiz!


Save the date… for better or for worse, it's time to say "I do" to our hilariously romantic new weddings quiz.


The weather outside is frightful and your chestnuts are roasting… It must be the most wonderful quiz of the year!

Random #3

You asked – we listened… It seems there's no such thing as 'too much random' for our amazing LOTD quizzers!


Get those Pop Tarts toasting, grab your Tamagotchi and fire up the Discman: "Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really,…"


The One where YOU finally get bragging rights as the most knowledgeable Friends fan in the world (as certified by Thomas Hewitt)

Random #4

…and we're back, with even more random! What the quizzing public want, the quizzing public shall get!

More themes coming soon!


If you are interested in a bespoke quiz – on any topic you can think of, please contact Thomas. If you are interested in a live game, hosted in person– please contact Thomas and note prices may vary based on location.


The WINNERS leaderboard… Can YOUR team do better?

Such a brilliantly funny night with my family playing LOTD. We laughed so much and everyone was buzzing about it afterwards. We are already planning the next one!

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Seems like a pretty amazing gift, if we do say so ourselves…

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Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw - photo of Thomas Hewitt, quizmaster
The best zero points I’ve ever scored in my life!


Please tell us which theme you would like in "Comments/Questions"…


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Remember… please tell us which theme you would like in "Comments/Questions"… Each game lasts approx 1hr 45mins.

Thomas Hewitt’s Luck of the Draw is probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw - photo of Thomas Hewitt, quizmaster

The rules…


There should always be four teams with a minimum of two players per team and a maximum of five

Teams should be decided by using the team generator.

Team 1 always goes first, followed by teams 2, 3, and then 4

All teams must come up with their own team name, based around the theme of the chosen Luck Of The Draw quiz


Each team starts with 100 points

The quizmaster's favourite team name shall see said team rewarded with five bonus points to start!


There are forty questions, with each team taking it in turns to choose a question to play (so each team will choose ten questions)

Each team bets a chosen number of their points on a question, before knowing what the question is.
If they answer correctly, the amount bet is added to their score, but if they answer incorrectly, the points are taken away!
e.g. Team 1 have 100 points. They bet 10 points on question 10. If they answer correctly, their score will be 110 but if they answer incorrectly, their score will drop to to 90.

Each team (unless stated otherwise in the question) has one minute to answer the question

No team may gamble all their points until the last round.
All forty questions must be played, so teams must budget their points so that they have at least 1 point to play with for each round

The scores will be read out at the end of rounds 3, 6 and 9

The team with the most points at the end wins!

Thomas Hewitt's Luck of the Draw - photo of Thomas Hewitt, quizmaster


The quizmaster is always correct and any abuse aimed at the quizmaster or other contestants can lead to docking of points at the quizmaster's discretion!

Everything else is just luck of the draw…

No game has ever made me so furiously competitive and equally doubtful of my own knowledge. An absolute riot!


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